The Challenge

How to increase SIM Card activation rates? This project aimed to map and implement changes in three key areas to enhance user awareness about SIM Card activation. The main changes were deployed on the User’s Application Flow, Landing Pages, and Email Marketing Campaign.

Project Duration

The design phase occurred between July and September, with the project being launched thereafter. Following the deployment, we focused on iterative improvements over the first three months, guided by data analysis and user feedback.

The Problem

Thousands apply for free cell phone service, yet only 40% effectively activate their SIM Card. We ran a survey with 39 users and realized that 85% of users who did not activate was due to difficulties with the SIM Card and Phone issues. With this data, we could understand that the non-activation could also be occurring due to a lack of information.

The Goal

Simplify the SIM Card activation process by increasing user awareness on cell phone preparation for activation.

My Role

As the design lead, I was responsible for the UX/UI for the application flow and the visual design of the email campaign. The team was composed of a UX/UI design Lead, a UI Designers, a Marketing Manager, an IT Manager, and four developers.


Comparative analysis, Analytics Synthesis, User Journey, Prototype, UX/UI, and visual design.


The project successfully increased the SIM card activation rate from 40% to 52%, representing a remarkable 30% overall increase in activation rates over a three-month period, showcasing the effectiveness of the redesigned user flow and communication strategies in facilitating user engagement and reducing activation barriers.


Users Flow

Email Campaign

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